How to Check My Website is Mobile Friendly?

Posted: 01/09/2017 00:00:00 by Sam Crockford

If you want to know whether your site is mobile friendly, then luckily enough Google can offer you a free tool to use online in which to check your website. It’s a simple process in which you enter your website address and receive a result back in under a minute with no sign ups or hidden disasters. 

How to preform my free mobile friendly website test? 

Go to to check your web address. Type your web address in the box that says Enter Web Page URL and click Analyze. In under a minute Google will provide you with a result. If this returns as a fail, then you know you will need a mobile friendly website. 

It failed – what now? 

Speak to your web developer for advice on how to change your site to become mobile friendly.

So what will my web developer say to me?

They will talk to you about a thing called responsive web design. This jargon they speak of simply means that they can transform the code that runs your website and make it become mobile friendly.

Will I need a brand new website or can I keep the site I have now?

Your web developer can turn your current website into a mobile friendly one but chances are it won’t convert very well and its more than likely to cost you just as much as a complete website redesign would, “sounds awfully convenient for web designers I know” but trust me, a website can be your single most important marketing tool you will ever own. 


Unfortunately, not having a mobile friendly website these days can be really damaging for your business. Google now favours mobile friendly websites over those that are not, and this genuinely could be losing you a large number of customers to your competitors (those swine’s).

Please feel free to message me if you need any help finding out if your website is mobile friendly or not. Also, please view a related article of mine called 10 reasons why I should have mobile friendly website to help give you a better understanding for why it’s so important to have a mobile friendly site.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to seeing and answering any comments you may have.

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