Why is outsourcing your IT support a good idea?

Posted: 23/08/2017 00:00:00 by Rob Williams

Maintaining your own in house IT department can be expensive and complicated which is why so many companies use external third party IT support companies.  

Here are my 5 reasons why using an external IT Support company is a good idea.

1. Cost Saving The cost of having your own IT staff is going to be considerably more than that of an outsourced contract.  A third party support company will bundle everything into one monthly fixed cost.

2. Experience Because an outsourced IT company will be supporting more than one company, they’ll see different setups and therefore have a great level of experience across a wider range of systems.  This will also help them advise you better on what will work well for your company.

3. Time saving Lots of small companies have a person who is generally seen as ‘good’ at IT so they spend a lot of their time answering questions from other staff.  By outsourcing your IT support you free up this time and enable all your staff to focus on the job they are employed to do.

4. Responsive With your own IT team, things can take time to process, they may not necessarily see the importance of a request, where as an outsourced IT support team will be focused on resolving requests quickly and to a predefined time scale set out in the contract.

5. Space saving Outsourced IT support will have their own office and equipment and therefore won’t need a dedicated space within your office.

In short there are a number of reasons why small businesses should outsource their IT support, and if it isn’t something your company has looked at doing, then contact me to discuss how Oxford IT Solutions could help. 

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